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100-Witch Hershey Candy Bar Wrap
This adorable witch is a Hershey Candy Bar Wrap. Her dress is made of Black Felt and is a sleeve that holds a Candy Bar. Her apron is made of Orange Halloween Calico and is trimmed with Black Lace. Her collar is made of Orange Felt and trimmed with a black ribbon. The witch's arms are black felt that are knotted. She has an adorable face that has a pointed witch nose, 2 black seed bead eyes and a witchy grin showing off her one tooth.This witch's hair is a green boucle yarn. Her hat is made of black felt with a orange bow. A really cute witch to make a give to that someone special for Halloween.

Who's Stealing Cookies Granny Elf has just made a new batch of Gingerbread Cookies. Her Elf grandson has just sneeked one of the cookies. Granny Elf lovenly asks her grandson Who's Stealing Cookies? Granny Elf is dressed in green/burgundy plaid calico dress. Her apron is a red/off white homespun print. Her bloomers are made of a off white calico with green/burgundy plaid patch stitch on her knee. Her legs are a red striped calico. She has on hunter green felt shoes with gold ribbon and bells for trims. She has an adorable face with a wood plug nose, drawn on eyes and wire rimmed glasses. She also has pointed ears that a must for every elf. Her hair is a off white yarn and granny is wearing her granny hat of burgundy/green plaid. Granny is holding a cookie basket with her gingerbread cookies made of tan felt, and white rick-rack.Her Grandson Elf is wearing a burgundy plaid shirt and green plaid pants. He has green/burgundy striped legs and green felt elf shoes with burgundy ribbon and gold bells for trim. He has an adorable face with wood plug nose, drawn eyes and wire rim glasses. He also has the pointed elf ears. His hat is green/burgundy plaid with green felt brim. Gold bells are used for trim. He is holding one of Granny's just made cookies made of tan felt and white rick-rack. This pattern is a must have for Elf Collectors. Also check out The Toymaker pattern.

103-Whos Cooking the Christmas Goose
This amazing 30" Santa and His Pet Goose would be a great addition to any Santa Collector. Mrs. Santa wants to make dinner with Santa's pet goose and Santa is holding on for dear life. No one is cooking his favorite pet goose he crys. Santa is wearing a green calico shirt with is favorite christmas vest made of burgundy felt. The vest has a applica tree with a wood gold star on it. His pants are a green/burgundy homespun trimed with sherpa fur. He has two patches on his knee. He has on green socks and his black felt boots. His face is adorable with rosy blushed cheeks, wood plug nose and his glasses. Santa's beard is made of ivory yarn. He is wearing his favorite hat made of homepun trimmed with sherpa fur, patches and wood star. His Pet Goose is made of ivory calico. She has a gold felt beck. Her wings are made of the calico also. She has 2 black bead eyes and head and tail feathers made of ivory pearl cotton. She has a burgundy heard on her back side.

WITCHY POO is dressed in your Halloween best. Her bloomers are a black kitty print with orange check and black lace ruffle. She has on a grayish black dress with orange pumpkins on it. Her apron is made of orange spider print fabric and is edge with black lace. She had a black ribbon bow at her neck. Witchy is wearing her famous black witches hat made of black felt with a orange ribbon bow on the side and two patches stitched on hat. The hat has a gold wood star at the end with your little friend spider hanging from the tip. Witchy is carrying a pumpkin that she snatched from the neighbor's yard. Her best friend Kitty has joined in for the Halloween fun. Kitty is made of black felt, with a ivory felt face and a burgundy felt nose. He has a collar made of jute rope that is tied in a bow with a small gold wood star in the center.

ANNIES'S BAKING COOKIES Annie is dressed in a baker's office. A off white calico apron with lace trim and a off white calico baker's hat. Her dress is a red/off white check print.She is wearing bloomers trimmed with the red check fabric and lace. Her legs are a red striped fabric. The ginger bread are made of tan felt with white rick rack for icing. Black snaps are used for the raisen trim. The gingerbread have two small black beads for eyes and a calico bow at the neck. A cute doll for all the Bakers out there.

TOADILY UNDER HER SPELL Oh, oh Broomhilda's mom has gone out for the day and was old to babysit her little sister. However, Broomhilda is in trouble now. With two simple words, Hocus Pocus, she has turned her baby sister into a toad. Wait until Broomhilda's mom finds out. Broomhilda is 28 inches tall. Her bodice is a purple calico and her skirt a Halloween print. She has purple stripe legs, orange socks and black calico pointed shoes with painted wood stars on her toes. She has an adorable raggedy face, with a burgundy felt stitched on nose and black button eyes. Her hair is a rusty suede yarn. She has on her black felt witch hat with two patches stitched on the front, with a wood star on the tip and a friendly black spider hanging from her hat. Her tag hanging from her arm reads, Hocus Pocus. Her sister now a toad is made from a olive calico and is 12 inches tall. She is dressed in a orange calico Halloween print dress with a black star calico apron. She also has on a hat that matches her big sister's. A must have for Halloween Collector's.

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